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Last night I had the pleasure of attending the monthly meeting of one of Ladera Ranch, California's many book clubs. This club's members variously refer to their group as the "Swedish Book Club", the "6/5 Book Club", or the "Mostly Swedish Book Club". In any event, they had great feedback on The Trust Company for me. Constructive criticism included the fact that it took about a third of the way to get hooked on the plot and that the financial/investment detail was skipped over. I will take this to heart in writing the next book, The Long Squeeze. I will also note Elmore Leonard's statement: "I leave out the parts people don't read."
I also heard criticism that has been a constant refrain since the book was published on April 15 of this year: MORE SEX!!! OK, ok, ok. I get it. I'm a thriller writer, not E.L. James, but I will give it a shot with The Long Squeeze.
Many thanks to Eichelle Cleaver for setting up the book club appearance. Thanks also to book club members Bronwyn, Jenny, Linda, Paulina and Greta. (Greta, while she could not attend, sent Eichelle a message telling her she "loved the book." Thanks Greta.
Looking forward to my next book club appearance in September and potential book signings.

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