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Chemo update: 4 down and 8 to go. PET Scan to follow treatment number 6. Being a guy, I usually like definitive results: it's all black, it's all white; bad answer/good answer. For instance: I was told I would be knocked on my back, nauseous, and all my hair would fall out as a result. Well, it's not like that. A little bit of hair comes out every day, but I (so far) am not apparently going bald. I feel fine and my appetite is ok, but for the 4 days after, everything tastes like crap, so a good appetite isn't much help. So on the continuum of "all bad to all good" (or as Faisal put it in True Lies: "a complete pooch screw on one end and a perfect mission on the other"), I guess I am closer to the good end than the bad, so I will take it. The Long Squeeze is coming along and The Trust Company continues to sell at a good clip, thanks to the efforts of my publicist Janine Schunk of JEM Public Relations. Look for me at Vroman's lecture series in a couple of months. Thanks for your support.

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