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Greetings! Sorry for the long absence in posting a new blog, but I spent the month of August enjoying life and my family. Now September is here, and I am fired up and ready to roll!
As you can tell, the Hodgkin's Lymphoma has been a bad news/good news sort of a thing. The past few weeks have been no different. The bad news: I am now sporting the Yul Brynner, or for those of you too young to remember that classic actor with the shiny pate, then let's call my current hair arrangement the Vin Diesel. Yes, after a few beers on Labor Day at my street's annual chili cook-off and my buddy Kevin breaking it to me easy with: "Dude, your hair looks like shit, let's shave it", I succumbed to peer pressure and allowed Kevin "the Barber of" Segrell to take the Wahl clippers (now made in China but way cheaper than when I was a kid) and use the nothing, the nada, the "Zero" attachment. A few up and backs and the wispy bad Giuliani comb-over was gone. By the way, I would like to give 3 shout-outs to my friends Kevin, Tony Torres and James Foti. In a show of solidarity, they also allowed their noggins to be shaved, although they chickened out with the number 1.5 guard, but let's face it, that kind of friendship is rare and deserves to be celebrated! Thanks guys.Along with the bald head goes a lack of ability to run, lift or do anything much of a work out. A few steps of walking can get me winded.The good news: 100% cancer free; the hair (I'm told) will grow back a couple of months after I am done; the working out will get back to normal; and I only have 3 chemo treatments to go, which is good because I am totally sick of this crap.What else? Let's see, bald, chemo, work outs -- oh yeah, book #2. The Long Squeeze is about 2/3rds done and my friends who stupidly agreed to it should be getting full draft manuscripts in December to help me out editing. So: Kevin, Mike, Marcena, Audra, Janine, Lisl, and Wendy, get ready for an early Christmas gift. Thanks for your support this fun-filled year and your continued support of The Trust Company, which continues to sell at a brisk pace. Take care.

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