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Character Naming Contest

Who doesn’t love a contest? Who doesn’t love to read? Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to name a character in a novel? If you are on this Facebook page, you are a lover of great thriller novels, and we would like to give you an opportunity to insert your own creativity into Paul N. Stam’s sophomore novel, The Long Squeeze. Here are the details; Paul is looking to you, his fans, to name a character in his second book. He is looking for a cool sounding spy name, along the lines of a James Bond, or a Matt Helm. Not only would you get that exciting naming opportunity, but you would also receive a copy of The Long Squeeze signed by Paul, and an acknowledgement in the book’s foreword. The contest winner will be announced at the Book Signing Party, which will be taking place in the fall of 2014. (insert fingers crossed emoji here ) Let’s talk about this character. He is in his early thirties, a white American. He hails from the Midwest. Our man is rugged, masculine and tall. He’s former member of the elite Marine Force Recon unit, fearless and heroic. So now it is up to you. Email me, Janine Schunk, your name choice at Share this with your friends and see what they come up with. We thank you for your support. Good Luck!!!
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