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The Running Man

Well, here we are. 9 months past chemo, I am out running 3 days a week and at the gym another 2. Have been extending my runs and outlining the last quarter of The Long Squeeze, and ready to rock it to a finish by the end of October (I hope). But first, some news about my prior novel, The Trust Company.

My buddy Jon Neuhaus at the financial services firm I am not allowed to name (that still employs we despite my writing avocation) added his review of The Trust Company to Amazon. I went in to read it (yes, I do read my own reviews, anyone who tells you different is a BS-er). You may recall from prior blog posts that the book has been moving up the charts and was ranked in the hundreds of thousands in popularity. I noticed this time we were 132,000 or so. OK, doesn't seem like much, but in the financial thriller genre, it is number 63 in the Kindle Store! I can't be unhappy about that. Moreover, Jon also told me his summer intern, who attends Stanford, took an economics class from Marcelo Clerici-Arias. Prof. Clerici-Arias told his students The Trust Company was one of the top thirty books to read about finance and the economy. Good stuff. (BTW, that could all be made up by the intern looking to ingratiate himself with his boss, as I haven't confirmed this with the good Professor. But if it's true, a shout-out to Prof. Clerici-Arias for the promo.)

So, looking forward to finishing up The Long Squeeze, which I think will be the best sequel I’ve ever written. Don’t forget to enter the character naming contest we have going, which you can do by following the instructions on this page or our Facebook page, “Paul N. Stam, Author.” Thanks for your continued support and I look forward to hosting as many of you as possible at the launch/signing party for The Long Squeeze. (Which is not yet scheduled. My publicist Janine tells me I am supposed to have a finished and printed product for that kind of thing. Didn’t stop Bernie Madoff, but whatever.)

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