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A Guy Can Dream, Can't He?

“The question is no longer if you should self-publish, but where you should self-publish.”

I read this sentence and paused to really think about this. The ultimate goal for me is to get an agent, have my book sold to a major publishing house, hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List, and then have a major studio make my book into a summer box-office hit. (Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?)

Now that I am almost done with my second book, The Long Squeeze, I am getting ready to enter my sophomore year (ok, it’s been three years, but who’s counting?) of self-publishing. This time, I am going the “straight to self-publishing route”, instead of first searching for that new, hungry agent looking for the next Lee Child. This does not mean that I am giving up on tradition. Traditionally, you wrote a book, found an agent (after years of receiving rejection letters), and…well, you know the rest. But as my book is being edited, so are my goals.

Let’s face it: the odds are against me. In 2013, 391,000 eBooks were published. 100 of those were self-published making $100,000+ a year.* It’s a sobering stat. But will it discourage me in my quest? Not in the least. My stories are mine, they need to be told, or my brain may explode from the 100K words (per book, may I add) that are holed up in there.

So, I will self-publish. Again. And when the 3rd book is done, I will self-publish. Again. And I will still continue the hunt to find an agent, ‘cause a guy can still dream.


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