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To Do: Kick Cancer's Ass!

Yes, it's back.

No, not a hardcover edition of The Trust Company. Unfortunately, the Hodgkin's Lymphoma I battled in 2013 has returned. I have started chemotherapy treatments, which will be followed by a stem cell transplant. Not to let this get in the way of my day job and my avocation (yes, writing), I will continue to work as long as possible, and while in the hospital I may outline some of the third Nick Sanders book.

Until then, as part of maintaining a positive outlook, I have taken to writing (what I think are) funny entries on the message board at the side of my hospital bed. I am only there three days at a time, so there won't be many. But, the first one is here for your consideration. I figure I am going to run out of "Activities" by the third treatment, but we'll see. I am happy to take suggestions.

In any event, I will continue to blog to keep everyone apprised of my status (which is currently "alive" and expected to stay that way). In the meantime, if you've had a chance to read The Long Squeeze, please give it a honest review on Amazon. The more reviews the better. Thanks very much for your support.

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